Posterior Shoulder Instability: Part 2

November 2nd, 2016

Part 2: Treatment & Rehabilitation of Posterior Shoulder Instability Note:  This is part 2 of a blog from a collaborative effort between Dr. Michael McCabe of Carondelet Orthopaedics & SSOR.  Dr. McCabe was kind enough to share his expertise on the topic in part 1, and in part 2, he and Dan Lorenz discuss treatment

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Posterior Shoulder Instability

October 17th, 2016

Posterior Shoulder Instability, Part 1: Diagnosis Note: This post is a guest blog by Dr. Michael McCabe of Carondelet Orthopaedics.  We want to thank Dr. McCabe for sharing his experience and expertise on the topic of posterior shoulder instability.  Learn more about Dr. McCabe here or visit  Part 2 will explore treatment and rehabilitation

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Recognizing and Treating Concussions

June 6th, 2016

Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Concussions SSOR thanks Dr. Michael Khadavi of Carondelet Orthopaedics (  for this guest post on concussions.  The “team approach” to patient care is vital & the staff at SSOR feels that it’s important for physicians and physical therapists to work together to maximize patient satisfaction, outcomes, and continuity of care.  Thank you

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