The top 3 factors that cause chronic pain to flare up

Chronic Pain Flare Up

Are you someone who suffers from chronic pain? If so, then you know how frustrating flare-ups can be. Do yours sometimes seemingly crop up out of nowhere? Reasons for flare-ups can definitely be hard to pinpoint, but there may be a few factors that can lead to flare-ups if you have chronic pain. Keep reading to learn about three potential causes of flare-ups below.

Top 3 factors that cause flare-ups of chronic pain

  • Emotionally stressful factors — Emotionally stressful environments or events, like becoming sick, work deadlines or projects, or meeting up with family members, can all contribute to the onset of a flare-up.
  • Lack of sleep Not getting enough sleep at night is another one of those factors that can cause you extra stress and lead to a flare-up. Pain can often be the cause of poor sleep, so it can be necessary to take preventive measures, like seeking help from a physical therapist, to ensure that you can sleep as soundly as possible through the night.
  • Certain physical activities — For many people, certain physical activities like bending or lifting can spur on intense bouts of pain. This is especially true if these bending or lifting movements are carried out with incorrect posture, are too frequently repeated, or there is not enough muscle or joint strength. Physical therapy can be essential for those whose flare-ups are frequently caused by these types of things.

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