Three conditions that can be treated with pelvic health physical therapy

Pelvic Physical Therapy

Many men may not think much about their pelvic area, but for women, this area is a common source of painful issues. 

The pelvic area is the part of your body that lies roughly between your stomach and the tops of your thighs. There are many different types of structures in this area. There are the pelvic girdle bones. Many muscles are also found in the pelvic area, and there are also ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue. 

Pelvic health physical therapy is specifically geared toward helping women address conditions in their pelvic area. That’s why it’s also called women’s health PT or pelvic rehab.

Pelvic health physical therapy can help women with these three conditions: 

  1. Pelvic floor dysfunction — You’ll never see your pelvic floor muscles, but they’re some of the most important muscles in your pelvic area. They provide support for organs like your bladder, uterus and bowel. These muscles also help regulate the flow of waste from your body. 

Pelvic floor dysfunction occurs when the pelvic floor muscles become either overly tight or overly loose. Physical therapists can use therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and other techniques to help address pelvic floor dysfunction. 

  1. Chronic pelvic pain — It’s a common thing for women to feel long-term pain in their pelvis. Medical research indicates that 1 in every 7 women develops chronic pelvic pain. Working with a physical therapist is an effective way to treat and manage this type of pain. 

These specialists can help address underlying conditions like constipation that often lead to chronic pelvic pain. They can help you find ways to better manage your pain. In some cases, your physical therapist can help you find ways to prevent future pain. 

  1. Pregnancy-related pelvic pain — Women’s bodies go through a host of changes during pregnancy, and the weight gain is just the most visible one. All these changes can also lead to pelvic pain. One medical source reports that 20% of women develop pelvic pain during pregnancy. 

A pelvic health physical therapy specialist can help you determine the source or sources of your pain. They can then create a custom plan to help you treat and manage your pain. 

Find effective pelvic health physical therapy at SSOR

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