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Three ways to treat sciatica in Prairie Village, KS

Physical Therapy for Sciatica

Lower back pain that spreads into one or both of your legs can be scary if you’ve never experienced it before. However, you’re not alone when it comes to this kind of pain. It is a condition known as sciatica, and it affects millions of Americans every year.

A large nerve known as the sciatic nerve runs from your lower back into each leg. When irritation or inflammation affects this nerve, you may notice pain in your lower back and one of the legs. This pain is often described as a burning pain. Symptoms like numbness and tingling are also known to occur with sciatica.

Occasional sciatic nerve pain may occur when you’ve been sitting for too long. Usually, you can reduce this pain by getting up and moving around or stretching. However, sciatic pain that lasts for a long time or recurs frequently may require professional health care assistance. If you live near Prairie Village, Kansas, you can find the treatment you need for sciatica at SSOR.

Three physical therapy treatments for sciatica

  1. Therapeutic exercise — Exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your back, core and legs can reduce sciatic nerve pain. Stronger and more flexible muscles reduce pressure off the spine and the nerves that travel through it.
  2. Electrical stimulation — Small bursts of electricity can be delivered into the muscles in your lower back to help them release and contract. This helps reduce pressure off the sciatic nerve and can soothe some of the pain sciatica causes.
  3. Posture education — Poor posture while standing, sitting or sleeping puts strain on the muscles in your core and lower back. This frequently results in sciatic nerve pain. Physical therapists can teach you how to improve your posture to reduce and prevent sciatic nerve pain.

Visit SSOR in Prairie Village, KS, for sciatica treatment

If you live near the Prairie Village area and have sciatica, you can benefit from physical therapy. Our team at SSOR can examine your condition and determine which treatments will be the most helpful for you. Contact us today to learn more about physical therapy for sciatica or to schedule an initial appointment.