Tips for Treating Neck Pain and Headaches

neck pain and headaches

Neck pain and headaches are often grouped together because headaches are frequently caused by neck pain. There are many forms of neck pain that can affect you and cause headaches. Some are minor, and some are severe.

If your neck pain is extremely uncomfortable, lasts longer than a few days or is joined by other concerning symptoms, you should contact a professional for treatment. Professionals, like physical therapists, can develop treatments to reduce your pain and restore your neck functionality.

Whether you have a serious neck condition or minor neck pain, you can benefit from these few simple tips for reducing neck pain and headaches related to it.

Four tips for treating neck pain and headaches

  1. Maintain good posture — Poor posture is often the culprit to blame for neck pain and headaches. To reduce pain and prevent future pain, you need to maintain good posture by keeping your back and neck straight. If you sit at a computer or use a cell phone a lot, keep the screen in a position where you don’t have to tilt your head down for long periods of time.
  2. Stretch — If you visit a physical therapist for treatment, you’ll probably receive instructions for stretching your neck. You can also do some stretches at home, like shoulder rolls or head tilts. These will help keep your muscles strong and flexible to help support your spine and reduce pain.
  3. Drink water — Staying hydrated is vital to keeping your joints lubricated, which can help reduce pain. Dehydration also directly causes headaches, so make sure you drink enough water to prevent headaches.
  4. Sleep properly — Sleep in a position that reduces pressure from your spine. Don’t sleep on your stomach and avoid twisted positions. Use a pillow that keeps your spine straight and not bent in one direction. If you wake up frequently with a stiff neck, you need to change how you’re sleeping.

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