Why am I experiencing hip bursa pain?

Hip Bursa Pain

The trochanteric bursae are located at the point of each hip, and these cushioning structures help reduce friction between your hip bone and soft tissue like the iliotibial (IT) band. However, inflammation in the hip bursae can lead to pain.

Trochanteric bursitis is a common issue in Americans over 50, and it’s estimated that this condition affects at least one hip in 15% of women and 8.5% of men. Figuring out why you’re experiencing hip bursa pain is the first step toward treating your pain. Physical therapy specialists are trained to pinpoint many issues that lead to this type of pain, and they can help you get effective hip pain treatment as well. 

Common issues that trigger hip bursa pain

There are many issues that can be the underlying cause of trochanteric bursitis, but physical therapists can use their training in the human musculoskeletal system to find the specific issues that’s causing your pain. Some issues that commonly trigger hip bursitis include: 

How can physical therapists treat trochanteric bursitis?

After identifying the source of your hip bursa pain, your physical therapist can then put together a treatment plan for you. This plan will be unique to you, and it may include therapy methods like: 

  • Dry needling intended to realign hip and glute muscle fibers and improve muscle flexibility. 
  • Gait training that focuses on identifying and addressing problems with how your legs move as you run or walk. 

Need treatment for your hip pain? SSOR can help! 

At SSOR, our team of physical therapists is primed to help you find effective treatment for your hip pain. We offer free screenings that can help you learn the cause of your pain. You’ll also find that our specialists excel at building individualized therapy plans to fit your needs. Additionally, we offer virtual therapy and at-home care services that can help you get top-notch therapy without leaving home. 

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