Why are people with knee replacement switching to SSOR for PT?

Knee Replacement Rehab: We’re the First Choice

We’re very proud of the work we do here at SSOR and after being around about 3.5 years in Overland Park and now in Prairie Village, the community recognizes that you can count on a different experience here.  One of the conditions we see a fair amount of is total knee replacements, but we have many that started physical therapy elsewhere and came here after recommendations from friends or their doctor.  We have a feeling why, but after talking with these patients, our suspicions are confirmed.  Here’s three reasons why people are jumping ship to SSOR:

1. Lots of hands-on time.   This is far and away the biggest reason and people talk about.  Patients are stiff and sore after knee replacement.  Putting people on a bike then give them a list of exercises to follow doesn’t cut it.  That’s a small piece of the puzzle.  Because we’re appropriately staffed, our physical therapists have the time to spend with you and have great hands to help work out all those soft tissue and joint limitations that are preventing you from restoration of motion, strength, and function.
2. We know how to progress!  Doing the same exercises each session? Constantly doing “2 sets of 15-20” or “3 sets of 10”? There’s a time and a place for each, but for every exercise? Please.  One of the three most significant deficits long-term after knee replacement is a loss of quadriceps strength.  We know when and how to load you the right way to make sure your knee is rock solid so you can go down stairs like “normal” folks and not hobble down them.
3.  Attention to details.  You’ll know why you’re doing what you’re doing.  You won’t have 5 different physical therapists to work with.  You won’t be doing exercises with improper form.  You will enjoy your physical therapist and maybe have a laugh or two.  Our atmosphere is therapeutic because our team works well together and we’ll have a laugh or two with you.  Physical therapy should be an experience, not just something on the calendar you have to do.
It would be a privilege to serve you and partner with you in your physical therapy after knee replacement.  Even if you think you’ve reached maximum improvement, give us a shot – if you don’t see a difference after one visit, you don’t have to come back!  Give us a call in Overland Park at (913) 904-1128, or in Prairie Village at (913) 904-0261.

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